Long distance driving is an exhausting job. It is worse when you are alone with no one to talk to or help. Staying alert and aware is, however, important for your safety on the road. If you lose concentration or begin to doze off, you risking terrible accidents. Read on to get tips on how to stay awake when driving over long distances.

Long drives

Well rested sleep

Get a good sleep the night before the trip. Too much or little of sleep leaves you weak and tired. A good rest keeps you active and with no worry of the long journey ahead.

Bathroom breaks

This is extremely important. Visit the washroom before you leave home. Take breaks here and there to empty your bladders. Driving on full bladder affects you more than alcohol would.

Coffee and caffeine

Never miss a cup of coffee if you are to drive for long. They are known to keep you active and increase metabolism. You can carry a well-sealed cup of coffee with you. The only mistake you can make is adding too much sugar. High sugar levels will make you shaky and start seen things of no importance. You need it more during the night when darkness seems to swallow the roads and streets.


You will need a bottle or two of water. If it is hot make sure to carry enough of water. Water helps keep the brain alert and functioning. During times like this, the brain works more than the body hence you are required to keep on feeding the mind.

Bring someone with you

For long distance journeys it not advisable to drive alone. What if something bad happens to you? The person with you might at times mention road signs you had not seen. If possible, the other person should know how to drive so that they help you out when you cannot take it anymore.